Registration Process


  1. Registration, activating contestants’ index numbers

  2. Receiving contest assignments.

  3. Going out of the venue and shoot photos in accordance with the announced assignments.

  4. Returning to the venue. Remember to adjust the time for travelling to and from the contest venue for submitting your photos and save time for the next assignments.

  5. Get a queue number at the designated area and wait for your turn to download your assignment photo.

  6. Pre-select your best photo for each assignment which will be downloaded to the computer.

  7. Pick your best photo for each assignment and copy it to the computer, and do not take more than 02 minutes for such selection. You will be buzzed out after 02 minutes by the time-keepers.

  8. Wait for the next assignment theme to be announced on the stage's screen.


  1. Prepare fully charged and spare batteries, additional memory cards and a sturdy bag for your digital camera gear. Please note that no charging facilities will be provided.

  2. Be creative for each assignment

  3. Return to the contest venue early so that you have more time for selecting and downloading your best shots - and even more time for recharging yourself for the next assignment

  4. Pre-select your best images on your camera so that you can download them quickly.

  5. Rest early on the previous night for a shrewder mind at the contest

  6. Format your memory card with your camera before the contest.

  7. Synchronize the time and date on the camera with the actual time and date.

  8. Photos should be taken in JPG format at the best quality. Photos in RAW format shall not be accepted by the Organizers


  1. Do not trespass on private property.

  2. Do not litter or smoke within the contest locations or premises.

  3. Do not be a nuisance in public, and do not break the law under any circumstance.

  4. Do not park your vehicles illegally. Use the available parking lots provided in the centre, or parking lots on public roads.

  5. Do not monopolize the downloading stations.

  6. Do not bring a large group of supporters to the marathon, as contest locations will not be able to accommodate more than the number of participants and the Organizers.