Competition Rules

  1. All participants must wear the Canon apparel designed by Metropolitan provided during the Event.

  2. Participants can ONLY use any ‘digital camera’ during the Canon PhotoMarathon-Sri Lanka 2018. The use of any other devise to capture images will not be permitted

  3. All photographs submitted MUST be in JPEG format and sized to approximately maximum 5MB.

  4. Storage format accepted are CF / SD / MMC / XD / MS formats. Participants using other formats must supply their own relevant adaptors / drives for use during the submission of entries during the Event. Metropolitan will not be held responsible for the inability to read / download images.

  5. All photographs will be judged based on the following criteria:

    • Relevance to theme

    • Creativity in theme interpretation

    • Composition of photograph

All submissions for each theme must be completed before the announced allocated deadline. Metropolitan reserve the right to reject any submission once the deadline has lapsed.


All submitted photographs must be taken on the day of the Event on Sunday 21st October 2018.


Submitted photographs must not be altered by any editing software; only in-camera editing is allowed.


Participants must submit their entries personally. No proxy submission by any participant shall be allowed during the Event.


Metropolitan will not be responsible for providing photographic equipment including camera, spare batteries, lenses or additional memory cards. All participants are expected to come prepared with all their photographic equipment.



Competition Process

  1. Participants will compete at individual level.

  2. Participants will receive Theme 1 at approximately 0900hrs on 21st October 2018 at the Event Venue.

  3. Participants must submit ONE picture deemed suitable for the theme before the assigned deadline.

  4. Theme 2 will be announced immediately after the deadline for Theme 1 submission has lapsed.

  5. The competition will be conducted in two categories: Open and Students. Top three prizes will be awarded for each theme per category.


Do's & Don'ts

Do remember to bring along a valid form of identification for the Event, such as your NIC, Passport, or similar documents. Your identification is a crucial element in registration for the Event and the subsequent submission of photographs during the competition.


  1. Prepare well. Carry fully charged and spare batteries, additional memory cards and a sturdy bag for your digital camera gear. Please note that no charging facilities will be provided.

  2. Be creative in interpreting the themes.

  3. Return early so that you have time to select and download your best pictures - and have refreshments to recharge yourself.
  4. Pre-select your best image so that you can download quickly.

  5. Sleep early the night before to be fully rested.

  6. Stay hydrated during the marathon.


  1. Do not trespass into private property.

  2. Do not litter or smoke within the competition venues premises.

  3. Do not be a nuisance in public, and do not break the law under any circumstances.

  4. Do not park your vehicles illegally. Use the available parking lots provided in the centre, parking lots on public roads.

  5. Do not monopolize the downloading stations.