General information




  • Pay attention to the Canon PhotoMarathon 2018 Hong Kong website, emails, SMS messages and Facebook fan page for the most up-to- date competition arrangements;
  • Please provide the valid email address and mobile phone number during enrollment and ensure there is enough storage space to receive the emails and SMS from the organizer before and during Canon PhotoMarathon 2018 Hong Kong;
  • To ensure emails from us would not be treated as junk email, please add to your safe list
  • Follow the donation instructions on the “Challenge / Student / Corporate Category Enrollment Status Notice – Preliminary Contestant” to make a donation within the specified period as the enrollment fee:
    • Challenge Category & Student Category: sign in the CONTESTANT PLATFORM page and pay the enrollment fee on online platform
    • Corporate Category: sign in the CONTESTANT PLATFORM page and pay the enrollment fee on online platform OR mail the cross cheque of “Canon Hong Kong Company Limited” to the address of organizer. Canon Hongkong Company Limited, Corporate Communications Divison, 5/F., Tower A, China Life Center, 18 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom.
  • Contestants failed to make donation in the specified period will be disqualified, and substituted by contestant from the waiting list;
  • Contestants on the waiting list should regularly check their email and SMS inboxes for information;
  • Make sure all camera equipment is functioning properly and set the correct date and time;
  • Bring sufficient fully-charged spare batteries and additional memory cards. Organizer is not going to provide any battery charging services nor sales of memory cards;
  • Format the memory cards in advance and make sure it is virus free;
  • Check if a tripod or notebook is required, and please prepare your own equipments;
  • Ensure you are physically fit and fully rested for the day’s competition;
  • Ensure sufficient mobile phone battery life to last for the whole competition day; 
  • Remember to bring your identity card, a printed or electronic version of "Final Reminder to Challenge / Student / Corporate Category Contestants" for registration on the competition day;
  • Bring a water bottle and make good use of the water stations provided by the organizer to stay hydrated during the competition;
  • Have enough money for transportation, lunch and other needs.


  • Estimate the time required to travel between locations and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 1A;
  • Be as creative as possible when interpreting the assigned themes. Submission of a unique or imaginative concept will catch judges’ attention and give you a better chance of winning;
  • Keep calm and think carefully about each theme;
  • Do not litter or smoke within the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre;
  • Do not bring supporters to the competition venue. The venue will only accommodate contestants and  staff;
  • You cannot take good photographs when you’re tired. Take enough rest to remain fresh and ready to capture the winning shot;
  • If you are not feeling well during the competition, you should stop and report to the organizer immediately;
  • Pay attention to your own and other people’s safety while taking photographs. In case of any emergency, dial 999 for immediate rescue and report to the organizer accordingly;
  • Look after your personal belongings at all times. If anything is lost or stolen, inform the organizer immediately and report it to the police. The organizer is not liable for any loss or damage.