Terms & Conditions




All contestants must agree to and comply with the rules below:

  1. Contestants can only participate in Challenge, Student or Corporate Category. No duplicated entry is allowed.

  2. To ensure fairness, employees of the Organizer and their immediate family members and employees of any agency, production house or supplier in relation to the Competition will not be eligible to participate in the Competition.

  3. Contestants of Challenge Category, Student Category & Corporate Category will be selected by ballot if the number of applicants exceeds the quota. The organizer will send confirmation to the provisional contestant by email or SMS.

  4. Corporate Category is in company team format. Each company can enroll 2 teams maximum with 6 people per team.

  5. Please follow the donation deadline that set to each category to donate the enrollment fee.

  6. Contestants/teams failed to make donation in the specified period will be disqualified, and substituted by contestant/ teams from the waiting list;

  7. Enrollment fee will not be refunded once donated.

  8. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify or exclude any person from Competition who:

    • - Provides incorrect personal data or details on the enrollment form;

    • - Fails to donate the enrollment fee before the expiry of payment date;

    • - Transfers his or her candidacy to others

  9. Competition rules listed and full terms & conditions.



  1. All contestants must report at the designated venue before the specified time on the competition day. Contestants who fail to do so will be regarded as waiving their rights of participation and will be disqualified;

  2. All contestants should present their ID card, “Final Reminder to Challenge/ Student/ Corporate Category Contestants” when they report on competition day;

  3. All contestants must wear the event T-shirt and bring the contestants guidebook provided by the organizer throughout the competition;

  4. Contestant will be treated as absent and cannot join the competition if he/ she have not registered before the opening ceremony closed.

  5. All contestants must follow the instructions from the judges and staff ;

  6. Friends and relatives are not allowed to enter the competition venue;

  7. Souvenirs will not be distributed to those not present on the day;

  8. Contestants must not park vehicles illegally or cause any inconvenience to people in the vicinity of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.



  1. Theme will be announced in the CPM official website, CPM official Facebook page and via SMS. 

    Transmission of SMS might be affected by the telecom service provider and your physical location.
  2. Photographs for each theme must be taken within the specified time period.

  3. All photographs submitted MUST be in JPEG format with a file size of approximately 5 ~ 10 MB. Since the awarded photographs will be exhibited, to ensure printing quality, the photo file size should have at least 12-megapixel.

  4. No other file format (including RAW or TIFF files) will be accepted.

  5. Please use a formatted and virus free memory card.

  6. No photographic equipment rental services will be provided by the organizer. All contestants should bring sufficient spare batteries and memory cards

  7. Photographs must be original work of the contestants. The work must not reproduce or infringe any intellectual property rights or any third party rights

  8. Prior consent must be sought from people appearing in portraits or other photographs.

  9. Contestants must not trespass on private property.

  10. There is no restriction on shooting locations, but contestants must pay the cost of travel to their selected location.

  11. Contestants must not cause any nuisance to the public or breach any laws under any circumstance.



  1. Each contestant should visit designated Checkpoint according to their participating categories. A photo captured the checkpoint landmark and contestant sticker is needed as a proof.

  2. The information on the contestant sticker should be captured clearly and the checkpoint landmark should be captured in a close-up distance in the photo.

  3. The required photo taken at Checkpoint must be uploaded together with other theme photos at Photo Upload Zone; however this photo will not be judged with marks.



  1. Contestants should have visited & finished the photo shooting task at the checkpoints according to their corresponding category before returning to HKCEC for photo upload.

  2. Photograph submissions for each theme must be made before the announced deadline. The organizer reserves the right to reject any late submissions.

  3. Only photos on CF/SD /SDHC /SDXC/MMC/MS memory cards will be accepted. Other storage formats are not supported. The organizer is not liable for any problems reading or downloading images.

  4. Your memory card should only contain photographs for submission. Your own equipment should be used to save photographs not to be submitted and no computer will be provided by the organizer for this purpose.

  5. If there are photo files which will not be submitted in the memory card, staff will stop the photo uploading. Contestants should manage the photo files and queue for photo upload afterwards.

  6. Please double confirm the photo files to be uploaded are correct or not.

  7. The photographs must NOT be altered using any image editing software on a computer, but can use the in-camera editing function. Violation will result in disqualification.

  8. All submitted photographs must be taken in the designated time on 3 November, 2018.

  9. Contestants only have one time to upload the photographs. Photographs cannot be altered once submitted.

  10. Once the photograph is uploaded, the staff will return the memory card to the contestant and the contestant can leave the photo upload station.

  11. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss of image data or damage to memory cards during the uploading process.



  1. Souvenir redemption arrangement will be announced on competition day.

  2. Each contestant can only redeem 1 souvenir and cannot authorize others to redeem.



If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, or the Red or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted, special competition arrangements will be made. Please check the event’s website and pay attention to emails and SMS messages issued by the organizer.